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  • The secret of using aluminium cans for cosmetic aerosols

    Products that come in aerosol form are becoming more commonplace in all aspects of life and in people’s day-to-day activities as a direct result of their user-friendliness and versatility. In recent years, particularly in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics sectors, they have started to see wi...
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  • Technology innovation and development trend of aluminum bottle manufacturing

    The technical growth of the manufacturing sector is changing day by day as a result of the push of industrialization, intelligence, and big data. The production of IE custom aluminum bottles is not an exception, with the application of new technologies developing. 1. Aluminum bottles with an embo...
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  • Take you to know more about aluminum spray bottle

    What Is An Aluminum Spray Bottle? Aluminum spray bottles are a great choice for the storage of liquids. Aluminum is a metal that has been used by the majority of people for ages, and it is one of the metals that is the most durable on the whole planet. Aluminum is the pr...
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  • Aluminium jar for Beard balm,aluminium jar or men’s personal care products

    Our aluminium jar is ideal for men’s personal care products! Learn more about our recycalbe aluminium jars: Luxury Finish – Strong Product Protection Our stylish and attractive range of premium, luxury finish aluminium jars are ideal for packaging a wide range of cosmetic products. Each...
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  • 10 reasons to choose aluminum cosmetic packaging

    Jars, pots, containers, tubes, and bottles made of aluminum are all seamless, which makes them ideal for storing wet products such as candle wax, beard balms, moisturisers, shaving foams, soaps, and any other oil- or water-based products. We have come up with ten reasons why many people opt to us...
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  • Why choose aluminum aerosol cans

    Why choose aluminum aerosol cans Aerosol cans are one of the important components of aerosol products, but pressure-resistant containers are also important. Due to the convenience and ease of storage offered by aerosol packaging products, more and...
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  • Is It Safe To Consume Water From Aluminum Water Bottles

    The use of reusable water bottles has been on the rise in recent years as an increasing number of people seek out environmentally friendly alternatives. People all over the world are coming to the realization that they can reduce the amount of waste they produce by selecting a reusable bottle rat...
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  • Why use aluminum as cosmetic packaging material?

    Aluminum is often used for packaging in the cosmetic industry. Not only is it a lightweight metal, but it is also very strong and durable, making it a versatile material. This metal can be used in many applications from cans to pipes. It is also often recycled and is less stressful to the environ...
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  • The knowledge about the Brimful Capacity Vs. Standard Capacity for a aluminium bottle

    What is the Brimful Capacity &. Standard Capacity? Today we will talk something about Brimful Capacity &. Standard Capacity  for a aluminium bottles The brimful capacity (Full capacity) of a bottle is the maximum capacity of the packaging to hold liquid. It is also called overflow capacit...
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  • Sustainability affects future beverage packaging plans

    Sustainability affects future beverage packaging plans

      For consumer goods packaging, sustainable packaging is no longer a “buzzword” used by people at will, but a part of the spirit of traditional brands and emerging brands. In May this year, SK Group conducted a survey on 1500 American adults’ attitudes towards sustainable p...
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  • Markests for aluminium packaging

    Markests for aluminium packaging

    Aluminium Packaging for Food and Beverages Aluminium is a great solution for packaging food and beverages as it has the ability to effectively protect it from contamination. It is worth noting that very acidic or alkali ingredients are packaged with food-contact coatings, as these ingredients ca...
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  • Why choose Aluminium Packaging?

    Why choose Aluminium Packaging?

    As aluminium packaging suppliers, we’ve witnessed the rise in popularity of aluminium packaging over recent years, and it’s no surprise!  Attitudes are shifting towards the importance of environmentally friendly materials and aluminium is being looked at as an alternative packaging solution...
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