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Aluminium Bottles

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    • 28/2022/Sep

    The secret of using aluminium cans for cosmetic aerosols

    Products that come in aerosol form are becoming more commonplace in all aspects of life and in people’s day-to-day activities as a direct result of their user-friendliness and versatility. In recent years, particularly in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics sectors, they have started to see wi...

    • 23/2022/Sep

    Technology innovation and development trend of aluminum bottle manufacturing

    The technical growth of the manufacturing sector is changing day by day as a result of the push of industrialization, intelligence, and big data. The production of IE custom aluminum bottles is not an exception, with the application of new technologies developing. 1. Aluminum bottles with an embo...

    • 15/2022/Sep

    Take you to know more about aluminum spray bottle

    What Is An Aluminum Spray Bottle? Aluminum spray bottles are a great choice for the storage of liquids. Aluminum is a metal that has been used by the majority of people for ages, and it is one of the metals that is the most durable on the whole planet. Aluminum is the pr...